January Workshop

  • Sun, January 29, 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Waldemere Fire Station Upstairs Classroom

Chris Lacki is our instructor at the workshop on January 29, 2017, for "Layered Images."  We will be playing with layering colors, shapes and textures.  Our Gelli plates will be used as a printing plate and a stamp.    

Some ideas for your finished papers: Mounting in a blank book or art journal, pages in a handmade book, collage papers, wrapping papers, greeting cards, art pieces, or to embellish a box or other items(s).

The cost of the workshop is $10 and there is a $5 materials fee.

Supply List

...Gelli plate. Available at Art and Frame, Keetons, Hobby lobby or online. Any size.

...Glass or plexi glass slightly larger than the gelli plate. Art and Frame sells scraps of plexi for about $1. If using glass, TAPE the EDGES!

...Acrylic tube paint. Fluid acrylics dry too fast. The Art and Frame brand works great, but any will do. From red, blue, yellow, black and white you can mix anything.

...Soft rubber brayer.....not foam, for spreading the paint on the plate.

...Selection of soft textures to print: feathers, lace, string, yarn, paper doily, leaves, paper shapes, and stencils. Nothing hard or sharp, as that may damage the plate.

...Soft tip tool to draw with.......eraser end of a pencil will work. Rubber comb tools are also nice.

...Rubber stamps and a stamp pad, if you want to layer stamped images.

...A table cover, water container, small sponge, paper towels, scissors and an apron.

Chris will bring the following items:

Card stock, mixed media paper, and copy paper up to 8.5 x 11". Also some surprise sheets!

Baby wipes and/or hand sanitizer (Purell) for cleaning the plate

Retarder to mix with paint if it is drying too fast

Freezer paper, newspaper, masking tape and deli paper

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